Herbal the Gerbil site


Brandon Claycomb


AAF-Madison ADDY Awards
Silver ADDY for website

AAF-Madison ADDY Awards
Silver ADDY for pattern design


Story by
Brandon Claycomb

Illustrations by
Hannah Mayfield

Project type(s): Web

Quirky, whimsical, fun WordPress website & blog for the “web book” version of a hilarious “children’s story for adults.”

The text is clever, madcap, over-the-top, and the design matches that. Also, the design needed to be intriguing on its own even without the illustrations yet to be finished by an outside illustrator. The typography is bold & edgy without being too much—despite the variety there is an underlying logic. The colors are bold, cheerful, and eclectic.

The patterns and color blocks are modular and easily changeable by the client; everything mixes & matches beautifully.